What contracts do I need?

So you have started your business…SUCCESS! You are over the first, and probably the largest hurdle involved in starting a business. But what now? How do we know what contracts we need to have in place? Lucky for Aisling and me, we have the whole Barrister thing going for us BUT fear not, we are […]

Top Tips for Building a Home

On this weeks podcast I spoke with David O’Brien. David’s incredible self-build in the Cork countryside was the first home to go through to the grand final of RTÉ’s ‘Home of the Year’. The black house is totally unique and while it looks dark from the outside, it is bright and airy on the inside […]

LPC Student – Rachael Bell

I am currently studying the LPC (Legal Practice Course) with MsC, full time at the University of Law, Chester.  Outside of law school rather embarrassingly a lot of my interests are also law-related! I am a Peloton fan, currently working towards 100 rides (with law or inspirational quotes on each ride).  I am also an embroidery fan […]

To incorporate or not to incorporate – that is the question

Choosing the correct business structure is incredibly important. There is no straightforward solution to this quandary. This post is going to consider the 2 most common types of corporate structure small businesses in Ireland seem to utilise: the sole trader and the limited liability company.

Financial Literacy 101

Being a millennial (aka me or anyone born between 1981 and 1996) has its virtues and shortcomings, but more often than not, millennials are considered to be financially undisciplined – often depicted to be spending all their money on avocado toasts and boujee coffees. Millennials confront greater difficulties— including economic uncertainty, student debt—than those who […]

9 steps to Financial Freedom

Whether you are stepping into your first job or figuring out what you want to be when you grow up having a good money plan in place will be a crucial tenet in any success story.  Financial freedom is having the ability and choice to make a life decision that suits you without overly worrying […]

5 Ways to Legally Protect & Grow your Business

So you’ve decided to start a new business. It can be an exciting and challenging time. It can also bring a period of uncertainty and risk for many. At Legal Diaries, we aim to provide you with the tools and resources to limit that risk as much as possible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with legally […]