What contracts do I need?

So you have started your business…SUCCESS! You are over the first, and probably the largest hurdle involved in starting a business. But what now? How

Top Tips for Building a Home

On this weeks podcast I spoke with David O’Brien. David’s incredible self-build in the Cork countryside was the first home to go through to the

LPC Student – Rachael Bell

I am currently studying the LPC (Legal Practice Course) with MsC, full time at the University of Law, Chester.  Outside of law school rather embarrassingly a

To incorporate or not to incorporate – that is the question

Choosing the correct business structure is incredibly important. There is no straightforward solution to this quandary. This post is going to consider the 2 most common types of corporate structure small businesses in Ireland seem to utilise: the sole trader and the limited liability company.

Financial Literacy 101

Being a millennial (aka me or anyone born between 1981 and 1996) has its virtues and shortcomings, but more often than not, millennials are considered

9 steps to Financial Freedom

Whether you are stepping into your first job or figuring out what you want to be when you grow up having a good money plan