Be the Main Character in Your Life

Have you ever felt like a passenger in your own life? Putting everyones wants, needs and concerns ahead of your own. I know I have, particularly given the current health crisis and world climate. That’s where this campaign comes in, every Thursday for the next 6 months I will be bringing you blogs, podcasts and instagram content to provide you with the foundation to take back control in your life and be the main character in your life!

Have you ever felt like you weren’t completely the centre of your own life? Before you pause and think I mean this from an ego centred the world revolves around me perspective….I do not.

As if you were in the passenger’s seat observing what went on passively OR on the flipside your life was being driven by the wants, needs and concerns of others? I am daring you to romanticise your life. Take a moment to look at yourself in your life as if you are the most important person. This is much easier said than done – we all have our base level of commitments which we can’t ignore – work, health, family, our kids, having a place to live, relationships to maintain. Many juggle these concerns along with a multitude of others unique to them on a daily basis.

This is where this campaign comes in. As the protagonist in the story of your life, you do not need permission to speak, to do something or chase that dream. You are the reason everyone showed up to watch the film. All you need to decide is whether you’d rather be a character in a mundane lost series or the leading star of a blockbuster. Do you want to be Lorelei in the Gilmore Girls or Meredith Grey in Greys Anatomy?? To do this you have to learn to put yourself first and be thoroughly and unapologetically you!

There is nothing scarier than putting yourself out there. It’s great to have goals but we often lack the time or mechanisms to implement these. With this campaign I plan on providing you with the road map. It will run for 6 months and feature a number of incredible people. The first three months we will look at health and fitness; mindfulness self care; sustainability; body confidence and chasing your career or a dream without compromising you! The aim of the initial three months is to give you a foundation of advice/motivation to kick start your journey.

The campaign will feature a number of guests on this podcast, guest blogs and instagram content which will be released on Thursday, every week for the next 6 months! With that said I am delighted to say that I will joined next week on the podcast by Cillian. Cillian is the founder and person behind the instagram page of @cmccfitness. I will be working with Cillian for the next 6 months on everything health and fitness and look forward to bringing you along that journey with me. Next week we will be taking it back to basics and focusing on getting started on your fitness journey, the dos and donts and talking about some common mistakes and misunderstandings people may have in the beginning.

Until then, take care and remember….you are the main character in your life!!


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