Chloe Duggan – LLM International Human Rights Law student

Hey! I am Chloe from @lawfullychloe and I am a current LLM International Human Rights Law student at Lancaster University. 

Chloe Duggan, LLM Student

Studying law was not always my end goal when I was taking my GSCE’s, I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot, but after realising the expense of training and having undergone severe financial difficulties, pursuing law just came naturally to me. I wanted to pursue this idea of justice. 

Throughout university we have the general route mapped out to us of becoming a commercial solicitor, but during my undergraduate degree I had little confidence pursuing this, so I did not grasp hold of many opportunities that were available at the time. I started volunteering at Citizens Advice Bureau towards the end of my first year though, and because I have loved it so much, I still volunteer there now as an advisor. 

University was not an easy ride for me, I had not quite cracked how to perfect an essay or tackle a problem question until second term of my third year! In my first year I was scraping by with a 2:1, and in my second year I marginally improved. But my third year was when the penny dropped. I finally realised what I wanted to do. After having enjoyed Company Law so much and obtaining a first, I realised that I have the drive to become a commercial solicitor! I put my mind to the task and ended up with firsts in most of my third-year modules, eventually graduating with a high 2:1! My LLM seems a world away from this, but human rights are becoming more potent in commercial considerations and with my pursuit of justice I wanted to learn more.

I have learnt to follow my passion. Don’t choose a path just because that is the route everyone takes – you may take an extended route or an entirely different route but you will end up in the right place for you!

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