English graduate and Aspiring Barrister – Beatrice Holt BA

I am currently studying the LLM Law and Legal Practice (LLP LLM) at BPP University.  I first became interested in the legal justice system after attending a law conference at UCL seven years ago.  After expressing my newfound interest in law, alongside my passion for literature, my school’s careers advisor suggested I consider studying English Literature at undergraduate level prior to completing the law conversion.  During my English Literature studies, I was able to take certain modules with the law school which further ignited my passion for learning more about the UK legal justice system. I have also gained work experience and Judge marshalling with varying legal professionals across England which cemented my desire to study and practice law. 

I am now six weeks into the LLP LLM at BPP (Waterloo) and, even though the course is incredibly intense and oftentimes stressful, I am loving learning about how the legal system works and how law can be applied to real-life situations. From my experiences thus far, I am mostly interested in the fields of criminal and family law as I relish in the highly personal nature of these fields. However, I am following the advice I have been given to keep my mind open and am excited to see what my legal journey has in store for me. 
My route into law has been, and continues to be, a challenging and intensive journey.  I recently read an article that noted ‘you should always remember that once you dreamed of being where you are now’.  This resonated with me as each time I begin to feel overwhelmed learning about tort law or contract law, I try to remember how long I have waited to be at this stage.  It is so easy to get caught up in looking towards the future, however it is equally as important to remember how far you’ve come. After 4.5 years of higher education, I am excited to complete the final 1.5 years of my MA and BTC and look forward to beginning my legal career in the (hopefully) not too distant future! 

If anybody has any questions or fancies a chat about anything law conversion related, then feel free to contact me on Instagram or LinkedIn .


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