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I am currently studying the Masters of Law and Practice (MLP) course at the University of Huddersfield. The MLP is a mixture of the LLB and LPC all integrated into one course! I am preparing for my 4th and final year of this course.

I also have a part time job as a swimming teacher which I love and have been doing for 5 years!

I attended college in 2015 to complete my A Levels. I chose to study Law, Psychology and English (Lit and Lang). College was a huge struggle for me, and I never particularly enjoyed it. The studying was super intense, and I was revising for hours on end for subjects I didn’t even enjoy! However, I had such a huge passion for Law from the first day I ever studied it; my best A Level grade was in Law. This was where my journey in Law started!

In 2016 I attended a law firm in Manchester for a week’s work experience. I was given my own personal timetable of areas in the firm I will be visiting and on which days. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the firm, and it confirmed my career of being a solicitor.

I have always been passionate about being a family law solicitor, however recently I am also looking at specialising in corporate or commercial law. I am from Manchester but have a close connection with Dubai, so would love to do some law firm experience over there too and explore my opportunities abroad!

I would advise that when it comes to choosing your own modules when studying Law, read up on  them and choose the ones which you think may benefit the area of which you would like to specialise in.

I absolutely love University life, and to study something which I feel so passionate about makes my experience super special. However, it isn’t always that easy! Balancing a degree, as well as a part time job and my hobbies has proven difficult. It’s all about finding your balance in order to maintain a stress-free and enjoyable time when studying- it is doable!

Without legal education I definitely would not be where I am now. Until I studied A Level Law in college I had no idea I wanted to pursue this subject and would have never considered a career in  Law.

Studying at University has given me the confidence I never thought I would have, and I have made friends for life along the way. I also joined cheerleading in my second year of university. I was super apprehensive as I didn’t know a single person who was in the team, so I went to the taster sessions expecting nothing. However, I have taken part in several competitions, made amazing friends and been part of the committee! Joining cheerleading has shown me that if you want to do something, no matter how anxious you are, just go and do it! You don’t know until you try.

Extra-curricular is super beneficial when studying at University, as it gives you a break away from the ‘generic’ student life of constant studying and allows you to put yourself out there and make some amazing friends. I would definitely recommend joining a club/society!

My advice to anybody considering studying law / becoming a lawyer is definitely make sure you’re prepared. Read ahead of your new modules and lectures, attend all of your workshops to get a real feel for the practical work of a lawyer, and just have fun! There is so much pressure on our generation these days to get good grades, however as long as you enjoy yourself and work hard you will get to where you want to be.

I would also advise that you get as much experience in as you can. For me, experiencing a law firm confirmed that it was definitely what I wanted to do, however for some people it may be the opposite. As well as the grades, it is also about getting your name known somewhere. Always be eager and keen to show your dedication!

I am always happy to respond to any of your queries!

Instagram – @absolutelylaw

LinkedIn- Leah Stafford


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