How to turn your side hustle into a cash cow

A side hustle is a broadly used term that essentially means an activity outside of your day job that helps you make money; typically, most side hustles monetise a person’s hobbies and interest. The key characteristics of a good side hustler is someone with a creative and hardworking mentality because turning this idea into a cash cow reality is far from easy! You need to view this as a step to create space for professional growth and extra income.

For most people, a side hustle remains that way due to the insecurity and lack of resources that come with quitting their day jobs, however careful calculation can show you whether this side gig is just a fad or a sustainable income for your future that you can build upon and grow overtime. Planning is the most important first step in any business, especially one that you cannot dedicate yourself to full time, by laying out a solid foundation and ensuring that you utilise your time accordingly. Of course, this in itself will take time away from you actually working on the business itself but it is a necessary evil to guarantee that the businesses long term viability and estimate how much time money and effort it will take for you to grow your business and reap the rewards, to do this it is important to lay out your definition of success and calculate financial benchmarks in order to track your progress.

Another important step to ensure the success of your side hustle is to love it! Yes it may seem cliché but it is true that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life, because this business is on top of your full time day job it is a big time commitment and time is your most valuable assets therefore the only way to ensure that you put the work in is to ensure you love pursuing this venture.

Do not be afraid to outsource, many believe that a part time venture is a one person show however over the course of the pandemic and the growth of these businesses we have seen that this is not the case. A team need not be a full time staff because for most that is simply not sustainable, however by outsourcing work to freelancer and virtual assistants work can be done if and when needed by competent professionals also guaranteeing that the tasks you may not have expertise in are done to the best possible standard. Check out our blog dedicated to Virtual Assistants and where to find them here

Finally, when attempting to transform your side hustle into a cash cow do not be afraid to start, leaping into the unknown is the hardest part but we here at Legal Diaries hope this blog has set out some foundations to help you succeed!


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