Law Student: Jasmin Brown

This week’s blog features Brighton University LLB Law student, Jasmin Brown.

What are you doing now?

I’m currently working full time in legal technology whilst sitting my second year law exams.

Did you pursue any other form of formal education before choosing law? If so, what made you choose law?

Yes- so many! After leaving college I went on to pursue a degree in Events Management at Coventry University. I originally wanted to study law but my tutor during applications convinced me I wasn’t smart enough to do it (spoiler alert- I’m doing it,I love it and I’m pretty good at it!) I completed a personal training course whilst doing my events degree and left the course during my second year to move to Australia where I become a PT, F45 instructor and Gym Manager (yes all at once alongside dog walking and working in retail). I then completed a marketing qualification to remain in the country alongside a paralegal qualification which reignited my love of the law.

Where did you start your journey in law?

 I’d like to say it dates back to 16 year old Jas writing up her bio for the school leavers year book with the burning question of “where do you see yourself in 10 years time?” To which I answered, graduating law school and qualifying as a solicitor. I may have explored different paths since leaving school but 16 year old me was pretty bang on, as I’ll be graduating law school 8 years after leaving school and making my way in the legal world.

What inspired your interest in law? 

Initially, it was crime. I wanted to work in forensic photography when I was 13 up until 16 when I realised I didn’t have the stomach for it! Since then it develops the more I learn. I love the idea of working on exciting mergers, new technology and justice. My interests are so broad that I can’t even pinpoint one interest in particular, which is why I chose it as a career. The law, quite literally makes the world go round and I will never be bored or uninspired dealing with something that has the power to do so much good.

What area of the law are you passionate about, specialised in? What made you choose this area?

I currently work in legal technology in a start up, which is really exciting as I get to work across a variety of departments and on so many different tasks to build my experience. To be completely honest, I want to experience as much as I can, I’m not set on a certain area, there’s so many avenues you can take and your career is forever so I want to explore all of my options before committing. 

How are you finding / did you find your legal education? If you faced any barriers to accessing legal education what were they and how did you overcome them?

I got stereotyped before I entered legal education as someone not capable of succeeding in it but as soon as I was at university, I was always supported and listened to with my ideas and contribution to class. 

Any advice for people who are considering studying law / become a lawyer?

You do not need to enter law school knowing whether you want to be a solicitor or barrister. You’ll see these routes shouted about the most but that’s not all you can do with a law degree.You also do not need to work in a law firm in London to excel in your career.The route to qualification is a long road that faces a lot of rejection, if you want to be a lawyer, you need to learn how to take the rejections as redirection, apply any feedback, reassess your method/ approach and who you are applying for and go again.

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