Life of a 2L Student – Bree Vculek, BA, MBIOT

I currently work in biotechnology business development full-time and I am a 2L part-time evening student at George Washington University Law School. I also run an online business called Vertical Alignment and I am an Ambassador and “The 2L Life” Blogger for BARBRI. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Master of Biotechnology.My interest in law was initially inspired by an internship, where I assisted in the development of a diagnostic tool and had the opportunity to meet with the business development and intellectual property teams. I was and continue to be fascinated by the intersection of biotechnology, business, and law. Furthermore, while I was a research assistant in the Office of the Texas State Chemist I worked on state and international regulatory policy, which led me to trade my lab coat for a suit coat and worked on Capitol Hill advocating for health, agriculture, science, and intellectual property policy, where I confirmed my interest in studying the law.

I am passionate about health, agriculture, intellectual property, and corporate law, passions which are largely driven by my upbringing on a farm in North Dakota and my scientific and technical training in biology and biotechnology. Attending law school part-time on top of working full-time and running an online business presents a variety of challenges, specifically when it comes to time allocation. I am committed to the practice of time efficiency and the strategy of holistic wellness, which includes making time for daily movement, meditation, and mindful nutrition.

Law school has vastly expanded my horizons. I went to a liberal arts university for my undergraduate degree, but even so, a majority of my classes were in the sciences. I’ve enjoyed the dynamic and thought provoking study of the law. The law is a complex and dynamic field of study, I encourage aspiring lawyers to explore the variety and plethora of opportunities available. Also, I would like to remind each and everyone of you that you bring a unique and important perspective to the practice. No one is you and that is your superpower.

You can find me on LinkedIn: Bree Vculek and on Instagram: @Legally_Bree – I’d love to connect 🙂 


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