LLB Student – Hope Turner

Introducing Hope, an LLB Student at Kent University!

My name is Hope Turner.  I am in my penultimate year of the LLB, studying at the University of Kent. Whilst living in Kent currently, I was born and grew up in Essex, and I feel, I am a prime example of the fact you can take a girl out of Essex but not the Essex out the girl!  My accent has remained, as has my love of fake tan, and yet since being at University I have developed so much into a stronger and more independent individual. 

Very generically, I have known I wanted to go into law since I can remember. From a very young age I have been extremely argumentative and inquisitive. I was told by my late Grandad that if I was going to argue, I may as well try my best to get paid for it. Over 10 years later and here I am studying law, and I know he would be proud of just how far I have come. 

Despite always wanting to study law at university, I never had the opportunity to study it at a lower level. As a result, I decided to keep myself educated on the subject of law by reading the news and any book I could possibly find on law!  My A-levels were very broad and encompassed very much the skills I would later need at university. My studies of Politics particularly proved to be helpful with not only my studies but my commercial awareness too. During my A-levels, struggles with my mental health meant that it was not always clear I would get the grades to get into University. Nevertheless, I persevered and found myself at Kent, and have genuinely loved it since day one! 

I am loving studying law and am using my spare time to try and find where my career interests lie. I had always felt I would most enjoy family law however I have been recently enjoying land law and arbitration. I am currently struggling to get on a vacation scheme so it is hard to say where I will end up! Simply put I do not have a clue where in the legal sector I will be working but I can trust I will love finding out!

Before I sign off, I must give some last-minute tips and tricks. Something great I have found whilst studying at Kent is that one must always keep an open mind, and a tip to a younger self or anyone would be to constantly question everything. Do not just learn the law, question it, critic it! This has made me a better student and I know it will make me a better lawyer one day. There are hundreds more tips I could give about reading books, doing seminar prep, and going to lectures but fundamentally, my most important tip would be to take time for yourself. Whether it be taking the odd day off or small breaks here and then, I cannot stress the importance of taking time to look after yourself! Its vital to insure you do not burn out and crash, and I promise will only make you a better student too. 

For more tips or generally just to get to know me! Follow me on Instagram. You have read my story, what is yours? 

For more inspirational stories of some fascinating legal persons, make sure to check out the Legal Diaries segment of our website for more entries.


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