LLM International Human Rights Law Student – Janet

Hi all, my name is Janet Abiba Yennusick and I am a law graduate from Technological University Dublin. I graduated in 2020. I am currently pursuing my LLM in International Human Rights Law in Dublin. 

Prior to pursuing law, my initial dream was to pursue medicine but I soon lost interest. It left me feeling confused and not knowing where my future lay. So how did I choose a legal career path? Well, two things. Firstly, it was my father who encouraged me to consider law. And secondly, I watched Legally Blonde and I thought ‘You know what, I could do this’.

After receiving my Leaving Certificate results and missing out on Law by 5 points, it was a reality check. A painful reality check. At that moment, I realised how much I really wanted to do law. I was disheartened and in shock as I didn’t know what to do next. I felt like I was back to square one. I was unsure of how I could pursue my dream of becoming an Irish lawyer. After numerous nights of researching, this led me to pursue a Post-Leaving Certificate course in ‘Pre-University Law’ which turned out to be the best decision as I obtained Distinctions in all of my assessments and I then obtained a place to do my Law Degree in Dublin. My dream came through.

I would definitely say that my father was my central influence and inspiration to pursue law. He always told me how noble and prestigious the legal profession was and that if I had the opportunity to do it, that I should strongly consider it. I listened to these words but truth be told, I didn’t fully understand what he meant by this. But now I know. The legal profession is an exceptional profession. As a result of studying law for 3 years, law is a part of who I am as a person, it has inspired me to want to become a legal professional with a passion for justice and fairness in human rights law and a piqued interest in international law (specifically international criminal law).

I can’t say for certain where my passion for human rights and international law came from. I knew that I wanted to help those who couldn’t help themselves. I wanted to represent those who could represent themselves in a court of law. I wanted to be the voice for those without a voice. Since immersing myself in these fields, I have discovered that there is so much more to human rights and international law beyond my wildest dreams. And that is the beauty of law. It is an ever-expanding and ever-changing concept that governs society and yet, it is still so full of surprises.

I’m sharing this story today in the hopes that it will inspire a student out there who may be wondering if law is for them. I am here to tell you that it is. I did not aspire to be a lawyer from a young age and it wasn’t until I almost lost the chance to study law that I realised how much I wanted it. Anything is achievable and doable. There are so many paths to a legal career. The traditional route is simply one of the many routes available towards becoming a lawyer in Ireland. 

For anyone who wishes to pursue law, if you have a passion for justice, fairness, equality and ensuring that the law is adhered to, you will enjoy studying law. Is it tough? Yes. Is it challenging? Yes. Is it difficult? At times, yes. But is it rewarding? Yes. It is worthwhile? Absolutely. And I wouldn’t change the 3 years I spent studying law.

Be open-minded, do the work and don’t stop. Because you can do it. It doesn’t seem like it now but you have no idea where your legal career will take you but I assure you that it will be exceptional.

Feel free to connect with Janet on Instagram and LinkedIn.

For more inspirational stories of some fascinating legal persons, make sure to check out the Legal Diaries segment of our website for more entries.


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