LLM Law Student – Ashni

My name is Ashni and I am currently a law student at University of Nottingham. From a very young age I have had a keen interest in Law though I am unable to pinpoint what led me to consider it as a future career. However, I do enjoy learning about the law and have found some interesting factors which have developed my interest in it.

The first being how it affects each and everyone on different scales. Having grown up in Zimbabwe during two economic crises, I have witnessed how ever-changing laws can greatly affect businesses creating a sink or float experience for many. Additionally, though not entirely related to law, the changing circumstances of other firms or businesses can create a domino effect on businesses resulting in lawyers always being in need.

On a more feminist viewpoint, I do have an interest in Family Law where I would like to protect domestic abuse victims and remove them from their unfavourable positions without making them even more vulnerable. Family Law, is such an engaging area of the law as it concerns people who are so close to each other along with a more emotional aspect which can be very difficult to deal with.

I would be lying if I said that law drama series such Suits and Good Wife did not inspire me to work a little harder though as a profession it is not all that rosy and includes long working hours alongside complex cases, it is still a fulfilling career where the art of being able to persuade and converse is so important. While studying Law, I have definitely become more analytical and critical about situations and how I handle them. I have also learnt to look at everything from all corners and a broader aspect, considering all the effects and consequences before making decisions.

My advice for anyone who is considering studying law, is that do not be afraid! Many people make it seem very daunting but I believe that if you are willing to put the work in, there is no reason why you shouldn’t succeed. Also the world has changed so much that having a differing degree to your desired profession does not hinder your pathway to reaching there.

Check out Ashni’s instagram account to follow her legal journey.

For more inspirational stories of some fascinating legal persons, make sure to check out the Legal Diaries segment of our website for more entries.


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