LPC Student – Rachael Bell

I am currently studying the LPC (Legal Practice Course) with MsC, full time at the University of Law, Chester.  Outside of law school rather embarrassingly a lot of my interests are also law-related! I am a Peloton fan, currently working towards 100 rides (with law or inspirational quotes on each ride).  I am also an embroidery fan (currently embroidering a quote from Legally Blonde!). I am also a mother of two children who I adore and two fluffy Ragdoll cats.  I recently started a podcast called the @legalsocialclub which has been fun to record with a close friend.  I am originally from Coventry and have lived in Yorkshire for 16 years, now based on the other side of the Pennines, in Chester, North West.

Rachael combines her love for Peloton with law!

My original degree was in Tourism Management, a four-year course with a placement year.  I spent my placement year in Foreign exchange for the Airtours group.  I chose law because I saw a criminal trial and was taken with the way the barristers were defending the 12 undefendable people I was watching, and secondly because I got divorced and wanted a career change that would keep my children in the same life they had before. I also chose law because I thought it was a female-friendly and an age-friendly profession.

I started by watching the trial as mentioned and researching into types of law.  I applied for a GDL conversion course, left my business and the rest is history!

I became interested in law because in the course of running a company it came up more and more.  I realised I enjoyed it and that there were so many aspects to law and that way it can protect businesses, people and land. 

I enjoy anything related to business law.  I just find it easier to understand and I hope that as a solicitor I will be able to see from the client-side of the table and the legal side.  I have also been a litigant in person on my own family court case, and because it was so complex I have an interest in family law and a good understanding. 

I found the GDL extremely hard and a real shock to the system, really this was because of a few factors combined.  I had just finished an extremely stressful divorce, I had been out of education many years, and I was trying to hand over my role in the business.  I have really found my feet and found the areas of interest on the LPC and I am enjoying it much more than the GDL. The barriers for me are my A levels and my age.  I think firms should consider career changers and mature students a lot more than they do, as we have so much to offer from the first career, often really valuable transferrable skills. 

My legal education has benefitted me in so many areas.  I have become a confident public speaker, an interviewer and my entire approach to writing reports, letters and essays have improved.  Personally, I feel a lot more confident to challenge my rights as a consumer.  Studying law gave me access to the materials to be a litigant in person too.

My advice for people wishing to consider a career in law is to just do it! If you are a career changer too, do it! Law broadens the mind and intelligence and is the basis of so much of our lives every day. Also, don’t give up, it will be very hard at points but so rewarding when you push through. Surround yourself with likeminded positive people, and truly get involved in as much as you can. 

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram to follow my legal journey!

For more inspirational stories of some fascinating legal persons, make sure to check out the Legal Diaries segment of our website for more entries.


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