Michael L. Mandell, Esq. – Personal Injury Lawyer

Introducing Michael L. Mandell, Esq.

Where are you in your legal career? 

I most recently started my own law firm and I’m helping people with their personal injury cases, and, when it’s outside my practice area, I connect people to trusted lawyers across the United States that will handle the specific legal needs.

Did you pursue any other form of formal education before choosing law? If so, what made you choose law? 

I chose law from the beginning.  I have a passion for helping people and I love to argue.  Being a lawyer is a constant mental challenge and you’ll never deal with the same exact facts for any case.  This challenge is why I love being a lawyer.

What inspired your interest in law? 

My father and uncle helped inspire my interest in law.  They are work together at a personal injury law firm in Woodland Hills, CA and hearing the stories of the clients they helped gave me inspiration to become a lawyer.

What area of the law are you passionate about / specialised in? What made you choose this area? 

I’m passionate about all areas of the law.  I began my career as an attorney for Reed Smith where I defended pharmaceutical companies and airplane manufacturers for defective products. In 2014 my team was recognized as “Top Defense Results” in California by the Daily Journal.  I’m now using his professional skills learned from the “other side” to help victims of injury cases and be one step ahead of the defense lawyers. I’m also using my influence on social media to help connect people to the best law firms to make sure they get the best care possible.

How are you finding / did you find your legal education?

If you faced any barriers to accessing legal education what were they and how did you overcome them?  I enjoyed my legal education.  Duke is a great school with some of the brightest minds (classmates and professors).

How has your legal education benefited you?

I believe my legal education at Duke has helped me gain credibility among my social media viewers.  They know that Duke is a great school and that it’s not easy for someone to get in there.

Any advice for people who are considering studying law / become a lawyer?  

Do what interests you the most and what you’re passionate about.  That will give you the most success and happiness in the long run!  I get asked a lot if going to law school or being a lawyer is difficult.  You should not be questioning whether to pursue something based on difficulty. As the US President Theodore Roosevelt once said:
“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…”    

Would you like the readers to find you / reach out / follow? 

Please follow me on Instagram and TikTok.  Also, if you have any legal questions or issues, please reach out to me via Direct Message on Instagram or go to my website www.lawbymike.com

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