GDPR (Audit and Risk Assessment) Starter Pack

Did you know that any organisation that collects, stores and processes data of European Union citizens must be GDPR compliant.

A GDPR audit will pinpoint all of the locations where personal data is being hosted – both within and outside your organization – and where that data flows to and from.

Who is this services for?

This services if for small business who are collecting, storing and processing data of European Union citizens.
By conducting a GDPR audit, you will be able to:
Gain visibility of your data flows;
Have better insights for developing effective strategies to protect personal data;
Improve efficiencies related to processes, systems and controls;
Improve data lifecycle management;
Better classify your data;
Identify areas for contractual updates with third-party providers;
Reduce privacy-related risks and associated data breaches

What’s included in this service?

Mapping exercise: a member of the Legal Diaries team will assess your current practices; the type of data you collect; the scope of application and the lawful grounds for processing this data. We will assess your businesses internal implementation of GDPR. By the end of the process, Legal Diaries will product a report – which will serve as proof of compliance and highlight any deficiencies which require your attention.