Rachel Jones – Trainee Solicitor

Hi my name is Rachel and I am a trainee solicitor. I studied English Literature at Keele University and completed the GDL and LPC at University of Law.

What are you doing now? 

I am currently working as a trainee solicitor in a high street firm that specialises in Family Law. We do quite a lot of Legal Aid work and I run my own caseload! I absolutely love the work I do and I am incredibly passionate about this area of law. 

Did you pursue any other form of formal education before choosing law? If so, what made you choose law?

I actually have an English Literature degree as I was quite unsure of where I was going to go in my career, plus I didn’t think I was smart enough to become a lawyer. After being told I might not even get into the university I wanted, law seemed a dream rather than a goal. 

Where did you start your journey in law?

I think I have always been interested in ‘justice’ and helping people. I remember writing a letter to Gordon Brown about Iraq when I was 12 and have always volunteered. I think I’ve always had a bit of lawyer in me. 

What inspired your interest in law? 

My passion to help people and I think a little bit of watching Suits! 

What area of the law are you passionate about, specialised in? What made you choose this area?

I chose family law because every day is different and not one day is the same. It is an area where you really interact with your clients and can make a difference. It can be very rewarding at times. 

How are you finding / did you find your legal education? If you faced any barriers to accessing legal education what were they and how did you overcome them?

I found the GDL very hard to complete but it was worth it! I think the hardest part so far has been those exams – they were extremely difficult. Once you do the GDL though, you can kind of face anything. During my English degree, I was told by a careers advisor I would never make it into law, and the same was said to me during my law degree – but I proved them wrong. 

How has your legal education benefited you? (to your personal development/career etc)

I think my legal education wasn’t the thing that really benefited me – I think what surrounded it did. The hard work, the diversity and the people who I have had the pleasure to work with have changed me into the trainee solicitor I am today. 

Any advice for people who are considering studying law / become a lawyer?

When they tell you to read the case law or the certain sections – read them! Make sure you revise for exams and be ready to put in hard work.

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