Restaurant Review: Sprezzatura

Last night, I went for a girl’s dinner and we decided to try out Sprezzatura, a new local handmade pasta bar. It is located in Dublin 2 on Grantham Street, just off Camden Street. More importantly, IT IS DEVINE.

Aside from the mouth-watering food, the brand has a number of other things going for it such as:

  • Its dedication to use and promotion of Irish supplies and produce;
  • Their approach to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact – The restaurant itself is zero waste and they are on a serious environmental mission. The place is virtually paperless (the menu is displayed on chalk boards around the restaurant), runs on renewable energy and where possible is completely cashless, only accepting card and giving the customer a choice as to whether or not they want a receipt printed. As well as this containers from their regular suppliers will be re-purposed and refilled to reduce plastic usage too – so 100% Eco Narnia!
  • The price point is also worth noting as every dish is under €10…

Now back to the main star, the food, think local produce marries Italian cuisine…..

As mentioned above, each dish on the menu costs less than €10. The low price point does not equal lower quality of food. It has to be said that this is probably one of the best sets of pasta dishes I’ve had! Three of us ate together and we opted to order 4 main dishes between us (we wanted the joy of being able to try a few items on the menu). We opted for the:

  1. Gnocchi, Sage Butter
  2. Rigatoni, Tomato, Basil
  3. Pappardelle, Cacio e Pepe
  4. Ribbons, Oxtail Ragu

And of course, bread to mop up all of the delicious flavours afterwards. It was all to die for but the winners for me were definitely the pappardelle, cacio e pepe or the Gnocchi, sage butter. The good news for any vegetarians who don’t shy away from dairy or eggs is that there are very few meat based dishes so there is plenty of choice.

In terms of drinks, they offer free flowing water – sparkling and still for no charge. For alcoholic drinks, in order to avoid unnecessary waste both wine and lager is served on tap! They also serve their own Dundalk-brewed, Sprezzatura larger and the wines are supplied by Wine Lab.

The interior of the restaurant itself is rustic and cosy with a mix of individual tables and a large bar in the front room which would be ideal for a large group to sit together as it allows space for everyone to mingle.

Overall, I would 100% check out this place – such a central location so it is ideal for catching up with friends post work, amazing prices and tasty food!! I would recommend booking ahead though to avoid disappointment which you can do through their website!






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