Second Year Law Student – Siobhán Spratt

My name is Siobhán Spratt. I am a student at the University of Limerick, currently in second year. I grew up in The Netherlands but was born in Ireland, I have some hobbies, such as full contact rugby, swimming, running, cycling, horse-riding and dog protection training with my German shepherd ´Kaya´!

I knew I wanted to study law. Firstly I thought of the recession before I chose the university I wanted to attend. Law people, be it Gardaí, lawyers and barristers, are always needed and are always highly sought after.

When I was relatively young, around the age of eight, I learned that my forefathers had been ´Judges of the land´, often for farming disputes in the Netherlands. My family had not thought of doing anything in that direction, instead of pursuing engineering, IT, piloting et cetera. However, I, on the other hand, decided that law was where my heart was, and I intended to pursue it. Later on in life, in my junior cert cycle, for CSPE, we went for a visit to a local prison. We got to meet a prisoner who had murdered his mother, this had a massive impact on me as he was to be released in around four years, and had already served eight of those years, and has probably been released since.

 I am rather passionate about criminal law, and when I graduate, I will have also studied psychology, to understand why ordinary people decide break the law, be it a petty crime or a homicide. Another subject that I am passionate about is Sociology, we study inequalities, stereotyping, violence amongst other things, and we get to learn why it has such an impact on the people in society.

I enjoy my legal education, sometimes it can be quite the workload amongst other heavy subjects such as Sociology, Politics and Public Administration, but I must say that it is the most enjoyable subject each week, especially in terms of Criminal Law. I have to admit that there were not any barriers to accessing my legal education.

Legal education has developed me significantly, rather than being the ´shy sheep´ of the family. I now like the leadership role. I have grown to become my own person and love a bit of debating here and there, especially at legal events with the University of Limerick Law Society and in Criminal Law tutorials. As for my career, legal education has changed my viewpoint considerably, and my career wish is currently to become either a police officer or a lawyer.

My advice to anyone considering to study law, make sure you know which referencing you have to use, as that was vastly confusing for me for the first few weeks of university. I had to use three types of referencing for five subjects! For law notes make sure you have access to a computer and try to install OneNote, as it is the easiest to use app I have. Try and read the cases before tutorials as they always show up in the official exam, ¨if you don’t know the cases, don´t bother showing up for the exam¨, as my lecturer often stated to those who didn´t ever show up for tutorials.

How to find me on my socials: email: Instagram: @siobhandoeslawxx or @siobhan_spratt and LinkedIn:án-spratt-67016a1aa any more questions for me? Drop me a question on any of my socials or send me an email.


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