The Importance of Building a Business Brand

This short blog post will discuss the importance and impact a brand can have on your business. Your business brand encapsulates the identity of your business, it is far more than logos and slogans. Branding is vital to ensure your business is recognisable and will help you stand out from the crowd, which in the […]

I have Registered my Business, do I need a trademark?

A trademark is a word or logo that distinguishes your product and service from other similar models, it acts as protection against customer confusion. While nobody is required to trademark their brand, it does offer your business wider protection as registered trademarks are legally enforceable on similar brands encroaching on your USP, i.e, unique selling […]

In Good Company? Giving your new company the best legal start

Right so you have decided to incorporate. Stage 1: Complete✔️ Now, onto stage 2. It is important to follow this checklist to ensure you’re giving your new company the best legal start. Decide on the company’s details You need to know what you wish to name your company, who the director(s) will be, a secretary, […]

To incorporate or not to incorporate – that is the question

Choosing the correct business structure is incredibly important. There is no straightforward solution to this quandary. This post is going to consider the 2 most common types of corporate structure small businesses in Ireland seem to utilise: the sole trader and the limited liability company.